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7 Ways to get more value from Management System Certification

7 Ways to get more value from your Management System Certification

Increasing Value

So your reason for getting certified is often based on a client or potential client request.
Having an optimised management system like FocusIMS will help you realise much more value from your system.
Here are 7 ways your certification adds value to your business or organisation:

1. Immediate Pre-Qualification For Tenders
Many contracts have certification as a minimum requirement. Only certified organisations are eligible to be part of the selection process. This is one way to rule out uncertified competition.

2. Consistent Profit Margins
Your profits rely heavily on your ability to minimise errors, and learn from any to improve your operations. Certification paves the way for consistent processes where mistakes are kept to a minimum, ultimately contributing to more consistent profit margins.

3. Optimised Documentation Equals Growth
Part of the certification process involves organising your information, for easy access to your documents and records. When your documentation is streamlined, your organisation is in a good position to carry out its processes efficiently.

4. Consistent Reporting And Monitoring
We are all familiar with how bottlenecks can occur at any point in our processes, hampering our ability to operate efficiently and serve our customers well.
Alerts through the FocusIMS system report the status of every part of your business through Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). Actions to address unmet KPI’s smooth out the bottle necks, before the situation escalates to a position that is difficult to recover from.

5. Identify As A Preferred Company To Work With
Prospective employees prefer to work for successful organisations that are committed to professional growth. Your certification signals to others that you value training and development, and see them as an integral part of your business.

6. Achieve Your Organisational Goals Being certified means that you have a structured planning process. Identifying both risks and opportunities for your organisation, followed by actions and regular monitoring in place, provide a clear path to achieving your organisational goals.

7. Improvement Through Learning
Every business has things that don’t go to plan at times. The difference between those who fail and succeed is the ability to learn quickly and efficiently. Corrective action is an essential process within the certification standards. It aims to get to the bottom of the cause and get things back on track quickly, with less chance of deviating off the rails in the future.

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