FocusIMS – Complete IMS Subscription Service

Our pricing is based on the number of employees on your subscription.

No. of EmployeesPrice Per Month exc GST
1-5 Employees$49
6-10 Employees$99
11-20 Employees$149
20+ EmployeesPOA

We will generate an invoice 3 days before your “service until date” based on your employees listed as active.

Additional Services

You may choose to have assistance for any or all of the below items either as an initial process or annually

ServiceEstimated TimePrice Exc GST
Gap Analysis between your Organisations’ current procedures and the standards you wish to get certified for8-16 Hours$800-$1600
Customised Induction Module & Basic Assessment8 Hours$800
Internal Audit – Management System*8-16 Hours$800-$1600
Organisation Context and Management Review*4-8 hours$400-$800
Identification of Legal, Regulations & Codes of practice. Document applicability and review compliance against documentation*8 hours$800