Congratulations your certified!…. Now What?

Team celebrating Certification

Certification can be a relief and a cause for celebration, no doubt. But after you are certified, how do you know what resources to commit to so you can maintain your management system? 

FocusIMS knows exactly what is required to maintain an organized and effective management for all your HSEQ requirements.

We’ve broken down your management system into nine modules, covering your every need. 

  • Our Client Management module categorizes your customers by referral source, status, and segment, allowing your team to record comments and alerts for follow up. Need detailed reports on client contact? Included! 
  • Project Management is easier than ever because we separate your jobs by status and work type. Key performance indicators are available for each status eg quotes are followed up. Projects are scheduled to be completed along with the person responsible. The project is then available for completion in the field service module. Once the field staff are completed the work the status is updated and it goes to invoicing. Files and photos can be attached to any stage of the project.You can also import a list of projects for easy management. Once the job is complete you can review the gross margins on the job. 
  • Personnel Management is a snap! With FocusIMS you identify training required for a job description along with responsibilities and authorities. Then select the job description against the employee and all the training required will be added to the employee. Update the training completed and you have a clear gap analysis and the foundations for a training plan. Ongoing training requirements are highlighted in the personnel compliance tab. 
  • Supplier Management through FocusIMS ensures your supplier risks are managed especially in the area of licensing/certifications and insurances. Better supplier controls on your project means quality and costs are more consistent and more easily managed. 
  • Asset Management maintains information including programmed and maintenance completed for your assets. Instantly available prestarts ensure your aware of items that require immediate repair and those to be repaired next service. Instant online reporting keeps you fully informed, while comprehensive information on the use of your equipment helps manage your asset lifecycle. 
  • FocusIMS System Management module helps keep you documents up to date including policies and procedures as well as legal compliance. The system module also illustrates the process framework and the scope of the management system. 
  • The Risk Management module provides a framework for firstly detailing the businesses risk, then inspections to check the level of actual compliance, incidents are the result when something goes wrong, both inspections and incidents result in actions to improve the organisation. All incomplete actions appear on the “my action list”. 
  • The Planning & Communication module is the foundation for understanding how the organisation fits in the market/environment, this then becomes the foundation for business plans and actions to achieve plans and objectives. Meetings records are also in this area with blanket agendas and meeting minutes. Actions are the results from both the planning and meetings are and are consolidated into the my action page as well. 

Maintaining your management system is critical for compliance, improvement, and growth. 

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