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How do you keep your fleet compliant? To Avoid A Disaster

How do you keep your fleet of vehicles or equipment compliant?

Every detail of the compliance process must be scrutinized and managed effectively to avoid mistakes that could leave gaps in your certifications. Gaps are where disasters are born. 

A recent news story reported on a truck that had rolled over, blocking a Sydney tunnel for twelve hours. 

The authorities ordered an inspection for all 17 trucks owned by the company responsible for the delay. Six were found to have defects, and the company was given 24 hours to fix the problems or be taken to court and face significant fines. 

If this happened to your company, would you be prepared? Accidents happen, but when defects are found with one vehicle or piece of equipment, it can leave the rest of your fleet, or even your entire company, exposed. FocusIMS can help ensure that your assets are maintained and managed thoroughly by: 

  • Allocating your vehicles, equipment, and other assets to staff. Included are accompanying photos so reporting conditions are precise and ensure assets are maintained judiciously. 
  • Programming maintenance requirements so you know when requirements are due and completed.
  • Providing complete, instant online reporting alerts so issues are immediately addressed.
  • Designate and monitor resource targets based on daily prestarts to help you make strategic decisions on purchasing or disposing of assets.

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