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Onboarding – Day 1 Personnel Management

Welcome to Focusims. Whether your looking towards getting certified or just streamlining your business processes our 7 day set up guide will get you there as efficiently as possible.

You may choose to complete the steps in any order you wish, however you may need to go back to processes and update them as the info will not be available until you have completed the earlier steps in the process. If you wish to jump ahead go to the Setup guide on the system menu for all of the instructions.

Step 1 Add the training courses required by the organisation.

This includes items Construction Induction, Company Inductions, Client Inductions, Drivers licences, traffic control, first aid as well as trade qualifications specific to your organisation.

Step 2 Add Job Descriptions

When completing the job descriptions ensure you complete:Responsibilities – This is what is expected to be completed as part of the role. Eg Complete staff rosters, schedule jobs and resources,
Authorities – This is what is allowed for this particular job eg engage contractors to complete work or Purchase project resources up to $5000.
Skills & experience – this will include things like. Should have at least 2 years experience in field role before progressing to project allocations.
Training Requirements – heres where you select from the training courses added in step1. Eg C Drivers licence is required for the Estimators job description. When adding training requirements you can add a target timeframe for example youd like to have employees completed a trade in 4 years or progressed to a truck licence in 12 months.

Step 3 Add Employees.

When you add employees generally start at the top of the organisation structure so you can complete the reports to field. When you select the job description for the employee it will automatically populate the employees training record with the minimum required training.

Go to the employee training and update the training records including uploading training cards/certificates. Make sure you put completed dates for training completed as well as expiry dates. As expiry dates approach they will appear on the alerts page.

Step 4 Add Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Items.

All items that are required by the organisation eg hi vis shirts, steel capped boots, hearing protection, eye protection. Then go to each employee and select the ppe they have been issued, they can sign for the items.

Step 5. Add any current leave requests for employees these will appear on the alerts page. (if you don’t already have a system in place to manage human resource availability)

6. BONUS Now you’ve got all the info in its time to look at it in a simpler way.Firstly have a look at the org chart. Does everybody have a job description? Does everybody report to someone?
How about pics just to make your org chart real!!!!

7. Now it is time to review the training matrix. When looking at the training matrix do you have areas that are not green, or do you have sections of yellow and orange and possibly red

Congratulations you have completed setting up the Personnel Section. The next Section is System

PS. If you haven’t got quite this far, why not book a discovery meeting and see just how much it will improve your business.

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