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Onboarding - Day 2 System Management - FocusIMS

Onboarding – Day 2 System Management

Welcome to Day 2 – System Management, today we’ll cover much of the structure around how the organisation operates. We have included template documents to get you up and running fast feel free to edit as you need to to suit your organisation.

Step 1. Check your settings and include any details which were incomplete esp the logo as this will appear in the header of your documents.

Step 2. Manage Lists. Click the button to add the standard list items. This can be reviewed and updated as needed.

Step 3. Click the Add Documents button and all of the template documents will be added to your system. You can then go to the document list and review each document as it applies to your organisation.

Step 4. Add any additional policies, procedures and SWMS. These documents are internal documents. The internal tick box mean the documents are created and updated by the organisation. If you’d like your employees to have access to view the document check the field box. The active box means it is an active document (if you have a document no longer in use take the active tick off). Documents should be reviewed at least annually (put todays date as the review date ) and will appear on the alerts page when they are due.

Now your ready to create your IMS Manual.Go to the Internal Doc List> Select Edit>IMS Manual and add any additional docs such as SWMS. Once your done click generate Consol Doc > click view up the top and see your completed manual.

Step 5. Add external documents – this is all applicable legislation, regulations, standards, codes of practice and any other documents applicable that the organisation needs to comply with. Tick the extetnal and active tick boxes.

Step 6 Review the external documents include how they are applicable to the organisation and level of compliance (this is a requirement for environmental certification). Add the review date as the current date, the documents will then appear on the alerts page when they are due to be reviewed again.

Step 7 Add SDS for all products – The SDS date needs to be within 5 years and they need to be reviewed annually. This will appear on the alerts page.

Congratulations you have completed the 2nd day of getting your organisation streamlined. Tomorrow we will be covering Supplier management.
PS. If you need some help or have a question please email or chat through our website