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Onboarding - Day 3 Supplier Management - FocusIMS

Onboarding – Day 3 Supplier Management

Welcome to Day 3 Supplier Management.

In the Focusims system Suppliers relate to all people /organisations supplying goods and services to your business. In order to separate the different requirements for each supplier we have added supplier types eg contractor, material supplier, training provider.

Under each supplieir type is a list of criteria to help us ensure we are choosing quality providers that wont let our business down.

Step 1. We added supplier types as part as Step 1 yesterday. Go to each supplier type and review the criteria for each supplier type. Update the list accordingly.

Step 2. Add your suppliers to the system ensuring that you select supplier type for each.

Step 3. Complete the supplier assessment for each supplier. It will guide you as to what is required.
Assessments and insurances reaching expiry will appear on the alerts page so you can update them

Congratulations on completing Day 3 your close to half way in getting your organisation streamlined and fully operational.
PS. If you need some help or have a question please email or chat through our website