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Onboarding - Day 4 Asset Management - FocusIMS

Onboarding – Day 4 Asset Management

Welcome to Day 4 – Your certainly making good progress on streamlining your organisation.

Today we will be working on bringing your asset management up to speed.

The first thing to consider is the types of assets you have and what you will include under asset management and what you don’t need to add.

We would normally add items over $1000 and any other items that require programmed maintenance. eg Test and Tag for electrical appliances. Lifting equipment is normally included to ensure the programmed maintenance is not missed.

Step 1. Review the Asset Types and any corresponding prestart checklists (this normally relates to vehicles and heavy equipment) . Go to Manage Lists>Assets>AssetTypes. You may have your prestart checklists already in a book, go ahead and review the items under the asset type and update accordingly.

Step 2. Review the Asset Maintenance Types. Go to Manage Lists> Assets> Asset Maintenance Types

Step 3. Add Assets and any programmed maintenance they require (based on Asset Maint Types) if you add pics they’ll appear in the Asset Register

Step 4. Add Asset Maintenance records – you don’t need to do this to get started but when you select the maintenance type it will trigger when programmed maintenance is next required. eg Annual Calibration when you put in the last calibration record it will appear in the alerts when it is next due.

Here are some other items you may wish to utilise in the Asset Maintenance Area, Plant Risk Assessment, Prestarts and Asset Allocation

Congrats, thats Day 4 done and dusted. We’re almost there. Tomorrow we look at Risk Management and then on to Clients and Projects

PS. If you need some help or have a question please email or chat through our website