Getting the best possible results from planning

Hi, in the last few weeks, we’ve had lots of questions about the planning area in focus IMS.

It’s really great to see between audit cycles, the improvements that many businesses have made, using the planning function in focus IMS.

I’m just going run through a little example today and we’ve recently added that planning actions checklist.

This directly answers 6.3 management of change in the standards. And basically once you identify your issue/ requirement, whether it’s positive or negative, and you come up with your key results, what you’re trying to achieve for what dates basically then come up with your planning actions, how are you going to achieve, your plan?

We have added the planning checklist is just a validation for whether you have considered all actions that you need to make, including actions to ensure the integrity of the systems maintain , actions are included that address resources needed and required

Make sure we allocate and update responsibilities. I’ve seen where people’s job roles have changed because that business is growing, but something’s fallen through the cracks in terms of processes, because it hasn’t been updated on the job description and then obviously communicated to those employees.

We just reinforced that the actions that we’ve identified address, the original purpose that we were setting out to achieve, including any consequences of changes, include an evaluation.

Did the plan go as we expected, was it good, bad, or was that part of the market, not really, as big or as attractive as we first thought, or maybe it’s more competitive than you first thought.

And then we need to make sure that we include actions for the integration of those new processes or systems into “business as normal”.

Once you’ve checked these items just tick each one and hit submit, this will help make sure that your actions actually get you there and get your planning as successful as it can be.

I’ve seen a few software implementations lately that, have missed having deliverable actions, missed having responsibilities and expected completions. And 12 months later, they’re still not fully implemented.

All I can do is help you along the way. If you have any questions, we are available on chat, email, and phone. Just reach out and we are more than happy to help.

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