How to improve your process efficiency in 6 simple steps

Business process efficiency is the use of Information Technology in an organization to run smooth operations, remove duplication, reduce costs and friction within processes. It starts with looking at the processes within an organisation and identifying opportunities to reduce duplication, friction and processes that don’t add value to the organisation to achieve improved outcomes.

The key steps to process efficiency are:

1. Map up the steps in your process

2. Use a highlighter and highlight the areas of friction in the steps in the process that don’t add value to the outcome of the process

3. Take another colour highlighter and highlight any data that is captured more than once 

4.  Add the time required to complete each step. Calculate the total time to complete the process

5. Work out how you can reduce/remove the duplication

6. Recalculate the time required to complete the process

Improved outcomes might be getting results quicker to support agile decision making, it might be a reduction in administration time to fulfil a specific step in a process. It may be reducing duplication.

FocusIMS  has evolved to deliver process efficiency for most of the common processes within a businesses especially in the area of compliance and HSEQ. With a focus on quality, safety and environmental concern, we are able to hold your hand right from using manual systems or semi automation to full automation.   We have improved processes for companies in diverse fields from manufacturing to cleaning.  Typically an organisation will see return on the investment of time, hardware and systems costs within just a few months.

The gist of process efficiency is not isolated to the type of industry, but in understanding what makes a company run and incorporating these factors in the system. Good process automation takes data as it comes in and converts it in a form that will be used across the organization. Organizations that effectively manage files and digital assets could reduce their operational costs by half. The gained value is a single, trusted and controlled source for all compliance and corporate records. Automation will drive efficiency creating room for growth of the business. 

Some examples of efficiencies are 

Personnel – the automatic generation of organisation charts, training plans and training matrix,  automatic reminders for expiring training

Client/Project – follow up of both clients and projects,  the automatic alerts for project KPI’s.

Assets/Vehicles –  Instant notification of prestart faults, reminders for  registration renewal and programmed maintenance eg servicing and calibration.

Try FocusIMS today to experience all the benefits of a cloud based integrated management system or give us a call or chat and we can run through how FocusIMS could fit with your companies processes.

Map out the steps in your process first.

Let us know in the comments below how your organisation has improved process efficiency.

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