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How well are you managing your supplier relationships? - FocusIMS

How well are you managing your supplier relationships?

ISO 9001 Quality Management System requires you to consider the type and extent of control over suppliers considering your organisations goals around providing consistent, high quality products and services. 

An organisation’s suppliers come in many shapes and sizes. If we consider the types of suppliers from material providers, consultants, contractors and sub contractors, training providers and asset maintenance providers. Each supplier type has different requirements for example if you are using contractors you will want to make sure they have appropriate training, licences and insurance. The requirements for your asset maintenance providers may include checking they have a vehicle repairers licence. Another example might be a PPE provider you want to make sure they are providing protective equipment that is going to be effective. 

With a growing business, supplier assessment is essential in determining the likelihood of your suppliers meeting your requirements. It is important to assess how well your supplier is meeting time, quality, quantity metrics and how these are adding value to your business. 

Consider the impact of a poorly performing supplier and their potential impact on your reputation, the potential impacts on safety for your business eg a supplier providing scaffolding not correctly installed. 

FocusIMS gets your suppliers onboarded with all the requirements as well as managing requirements ongoing for items such as insurance certificates of currency and review dates on Safe Work Method Statements. 

FocusIMS software is a real time solution for managing your supplier requirements and minimising the risk of less than optimal performance.Importantly, it helps you obtain and maintain your ISO certification; a clear statement to customers that they can trust your brand and your products.

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