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Asset Management

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*ISO9001 Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems and ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

Does your business manage a fleet of vehicles or equipment?

Do you struggle to work out the big picture on the condition of your fleet? …then to drill down to the actions required to manage your assets effectively.

Do your prestarts get reviewed so late its not clear the issues identified have been resolved or do they not get reviewed at all?

Do you know when programmed maintenance was last completed and when it is next due?

1 serious incident could ground your whole fleet without easily being able to demonstrate compliance to your asset maintenance systems. (not to mention the negative reputational and financial impacts)

Focusims can meet your needs in the area of Asset Management. Here’s how:

  • Allocate your assets, vehicles and equipment to staff complete with photos to accurately report asset condition to ensure assets are “cared” for appropriately.
  • Add programmed maintenance requirements to your assets to accurately know when these are completed and when they are next due.
  • Complete prestarts with instant reporting on the alerts page to ensure issues identified daily are addressed in a timely manner. All done online so there is no piles of paper to review at the end of the day or week.
  • Set and monitor targets for resource utilisation based on daily prestarts. You can see the number of days an asset has been used during the period and then make strategic decisions around purchasing additional equipment where resource utilisation is high, decisions around marketing services targeted specifically at under utilised resources as well as decisions to dispose of assets.

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