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Field Module

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*ISO9001 Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems and ISO45001 Occupation Health and Safety Management Systems

Do you have staff working in the field on different sites or going to different projects?

Do you need to effectively manage communication and project administration with your field staff?

Would you like them to easily manage some basic human resource functions like requesting leave and PPE?

Do you need your field staff to complete vehicle and equipment prestarts and request asset maintenance when required?

The FocusIMS field module is an integrated part of the FocusIMS system that gives you field workers capability to submit all the records required instantly available for the admin staff.

Check out the field module and get started today.

FocusIMS has helped many organisations make significant improvements in their field processes:

  • Timesheets are recorded instantly ready for payroll processing
  • Vehicle pre-starts are completed instantly online with alerts for servicing and repairs required
  • Project risk assessment completed online, all project documents easily accessible with instant updating of status to the office staff to progress the project for further scheduling or invoicing
  • Field staff can also submit requests for leave, requests for PPE directly ready for approval by admin staff

Manage all your HSEQ Requirements with FocusIMS

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