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Planning & Communication

Planning & Communication Software for
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*ISO9001 Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems and ISO45001 Occupation Health and Safety Management Systems

Does it take volumes of time to prepare for your meetings and planning because all the information is in separate locations?

Do you ensure your meetings cover the important stuff and not just the urgent stuff with customisable standard agendas for each meeting type?

Does everybody leave the meeting and instantly forget who was responsible for what actions and by when? You get to the next meeting and can’t progress because the items from the last meeting are still unaddressed……… or you end up with a mighty task list with no end in site.

FocusIMS provides a streamlined approach to completing your business planning and meetings, quickly and efficiently so your business can be focused on taking action.

The Planning and Communication module has helped many businesses prioritise their planning actions to future proof their businesses in the constantly changing environment. Here’s how it helps your business:

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