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Risk Management

Risk Management Software for
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Are you constantly dealing with the urgent random incidents that occur in your business….. that stop you getting traction in growing your business?

Does your business “hum” along and your profits are looking rosy then you end up with a series of events that put a big dent in your bottom line?

Do you want to consistently provide a high quality service, whilst maintaining safety for your staff and protect the environment then you need to start

  • Identify the hazards and appropriate controls in your business
  • Complete audits and inspections to ensure and follow up actions to ensure everything is spot on ….. on the ground and throughout your business
  • When an incident happens, record it and take action to resolve it. Then put in place actions so it doesn’t happen again.

Focusims provides the perfect solution for recording inconsistencies and then reporting to prioritise opportunities for improvement. Meaning you can tackle the areas that are going to have the biggest impact on improving your business first.

Too many businesses stumble as they haphazardly respond to accidents and injuries. They often find the processes they have in place aren’t up to the task of responding consistently, which compromises workflow. FocusIMS records inconsistencies and generates prioritised reports, supporting your efforts toward business progress.

FocusIMS benefits include:

  • Analysing and identifying hazards and appropriate controls
  • Performing exhaustive audits and inspections
  • Recommending appropriate follow up actions on the ground and throughout your business
  • Recording every incident and establishing a set of actions that prevent each from happening again

Implementing FocusIMS consistently results in less accidents and decreases injuries. You’ll have happier customers and employees who are fit for work.

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