Why an IMS is better…. than having separate Quality, Safety and Environmental Management Systems

Let’s begin by considering the synergies between the ISO standards for quality, safety and environmental management systems. The standards committees have spent many years bringing the standards into alignment via the numbering of clauses (known as Annex SL) 

For many years lots of larger organisations have managed their requirements in silos such as the quality department, the safety department and the environmental department each owning their own set of policies and procedures often leaving the staff on the ground to manage the conflicts and inefficiencies of this approach. 

The alternative to separately managing all your compliance requirements is an IMS, or Integrated Management System. An IMS is an efficient management system that integrates all aspects of an organisation’s processes and resources into one system. These processes are combined to cover all standard-specific criteria at the same time. Integrated policies and processes should be considered at every level of the organisation. 

FocusIMS has been developed to manage all the requirements of compliance as simply and efficiently as possible. 

First, FocusIMS ensures your assets including vehicles are maintained and your staff are suitably trained. Built in alerts lets you know when vehicles need servicing and assets need calibration.  FocusIMS also alerts you to ensure staff are trained to meet quality, safety and environmental requirements. FocusIMS provides alerts to maintain legal compliance to meet quality, safety and environmental requirements. Before and after photos as well as project risk assessments ensure all the requirements for quality, safety and environmental are maintained. Separate management systems treat each of these areas as isolated elements of daily operations resulting in many separate and sometimes conflicting documents for each project. 

Second, because an IMS is “integrated,” using FocusIMS will find you using about a third of the documentation you would with separate systems. 

Finally, certification providers acknowledge the time savings in auditing an IMS over 3 distinctly separate systems. They generally offer significant discounts when certifying your system with an IMS. 

FocusIMS integrates nine HSEQ modules into one powerfully simple platform, effortlessly allowing you to meet and maintain your compliance requirements for a fraction of the cost. Start simplifying your management system today with a 2 week FREE trial.

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