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ISO Implementation Guide - FocusIMS

ISO Implementation Guide

So you’re keen to know exactly what to do to get your management system up and running.

We aboslutely recommend a no obligation discovery meeting, if you prefer, you can watch our on demand webinar (30 mins)
If you’re not exactly clear on what the ISO requirements are/ or
how the requirements apply to your business or
You are not clear about the steps in the certification process

The ISO Certification Process


Getting Started

FocusIMS software has specifically been developed to make your ISO implementation and ongoing compliance simple to achieve and easy to maintain. We also offer the ISO Certification Package for businesses that do not yet have the resources or skills for services such as internal audit, legal compliance review and business planning and management review.

We have broken it up into 7 sections in 7 days to help keep you focused on completing each area and getting a good understanding of how all the pieces (otherwise know as the clauses in the standards) fit together for your business.

Onboarding Overview

Onboarding – Day 1 Personnel Management

Onboarding – Day 2 System Management

Onboarding – Day 3 Supplier Management

Onboarding – Day 4 Asset Management

Onboarding – Day 5 Risk Management

Onboarding – Day 6 Client & Project Management

Onboarding – Day 7 Planning & Communication

How this fits into certification process

We normally cover

Step 1 of the Certification Process during the discovery meeting

Step 2 of the certification process is mostly covered during Days 1-6

Step 3 of the Certification Process as part of Day 7 Planning and Communication

Step 4 of the Certification Process as part of Day 5 Risk Management

You are NOW ready for Step 5& 6 in the Certification Process – Stage 1 & Stage 2 Certification Audits and can book these with your chosen certification provider