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Occupational Health & Safety Management System

Is your business looking to improve revenue by winning tenders, improve customer satisfaction and improve business processes. There is more and more competition, more choices for consumers, and a pressing need to provide outstanding quality and efficiency.

Businesses that can exhibit these characteristics are the ones that secure more contracts, enhance customer satisfaction, and gain a competitive advantage.

Getting ISO 45001 certification in Australia is a strong step in the right direction.

ISO 45001 is the globally acknowledged standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.

This will lead to better business processes, more sales, and a clear commitment to safety.

What is an Occupational Health & Safety Management system ?

The process to get ISO45001 Certification


FocusIMS Streamlined Process

FocusIMS is a great solution to assist with ISO45001 Certification that is simple to achieve and easy to maintain.

FocusIMS works with business from 1 employee to hundreds and across a vast range of industries

FocusIMS assists you every step of the way. Book a FREE discovery meeting and we can help work through the 1st step deciding on your scope.

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Myself and my company, Gutter Monkeys Pty Ltd are very grateful to have worked with Anjie from Focusbis. She managed to get a tender sorted 36 hours out for due date. thanks heaps

Aaron Lees Avatar Aaron Lees
October 25, 2020

We have worked with Anjie on getting ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Certification for Duff & Macintosh Group over the last 6months. I have always found her to be very personable and easygoing. She is very generous with her time and has helped us on many occasions with a quick phone call here and there. I would highly recommend Anjie, her ability is second to none, and it has been a pleasure working with her.

Maryam Molavi Avatar Maryam Molavi
November 14, 2021

Anjie from FocusBis is always willing to go above and beyond at any time to make sure our business is up and running. Always happy to accomodate changes to our systems to improve our efficiency and working with our clients to get us the best result.

Ash Rose Avatar Ash Rose
February 10, 2020