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Leveraging the Hierarchy of Information to Help Business Success

Leveraging the Hierarchy of Information to Help Your Business Succeed

The hierarchy of information is an organizational system that you can use to make your business more successful. The premise is simple: if you have the right information, you’ll know what to do with it in order to reach your goals. To learn about how you can leverage this system for your own business, read on!

So what is the Heirarchy of information

The heirarchy of information has 3 levels.

  • The most basic level is transaction processing collecting transactional information when and where it happens.
  • The second level is the management information system. This tool helps management convert inputs into outputs. This includes processes such as scheduling, managing projects and managing resources.
  • The third level in the heirarchy of information is the decision support system. Like where to focus safety improvements, which assets to acquire and retire.

Why is it important to your business?

At the highest level your information system is key to know what is happening in your business. It can provide the numbers to support a decision. Sometimes it may be a tool to know that you need more information to make the decision confidently. Examples of this in FocusIMS is the OHS Performnce reporting, the compliance bar, asset utilisation report, project alerts to name a few. Productivity and profitablity on a project basis.

At the management information system level it is the one source of truth to help manage your business efficiently ensuring that all people have the right information to proceed with the work. Ensuring that staff are suitably trained and equiped, assets are maintained and suitable and projects are ready to be completed

By organizing your information, you will help people determine which pieces of information that are most useful to organise themselves and their reporting staff.

How can you leverage the hierarchy of information in your business?

The easiest way to leverage the heirarchy of information is to start using FocusIMS today. Sure you can put all the information together manually but by the time you’ve done it it is out of date and often less useful, not to mention the opportunity for error to creep in during the duplication of processes.
Have a look over our self guided tour to see how FocusIMS can help your business.
Or jump right in and start a 2 week free trial today.

Summary and Conclusion

FocusIMS is the starting point to managing your information at all levels including decisions to improve your business.

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