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A Few Results…

We have helped hundreds of clients like you get significant results based on getting FocusIMS ISO Certification that is simple to achieve and easy to maintain.

Meet your  Presenter

Hey There! This is Anjie Lees founder of FocusIMS Software and the FocusIMS ISO Certification Package.

I created this software and service to help B2B trades and services business wanting to secure significant contracts quickly win tenders and sizable contracts while improving making their ISO Certification simple to achieve and easy to maintain without extensive knowledge of exactly what is required, without stretching your resources to get your system up and running quickly, or unknown costs to maintain your management system.

Only after I “zoomed out” and created a complete software and services certification package that covered every step required to achieve ISO Certification, did we start to see consistently amazing results.

We have been developing Management Systems and helping businesses get certified for over 25 years.For many years we have been building custom cloud based software, with the large upfront cost which was really only accessible for larger businesses. 

We then decided it was time to build a subscription based software based on the best parts of the custom software to make certification not only cost effective for small businesses but also efficient to manage all the elements required for certification. Our software solution is affordable to everyone (even the smallest of businesses).