Get Certified in 4 Simple Steps

Get Certified in 4 Simple Steps

1. Decide Your Scope
2. Get your Management System up and Running
3. Gap Analysis/ Internal Audit
4. Certification Audit

Step 1 – Decide Your Scope

Theres really a couple of questions to at least think about if your not quite ready to answer right now.

  1. Which standards are you looking to get certified for – is it all 3 standards
    • ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems
    • ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems
    • ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems
  2. What does your business do? What would you like to be included on your scope for your certificate? Are any of the clauses in the standard not applicable to your business
  3. Your demographics, Numbers of Staff, and locations

Once you have this information together we can help you get a quote from a certification provider.

Step 2 – Get your Management System up and running fast

Sign Up for a 2 week FREE Trial of FocusIMS and follow the onboarding instructions you’ll receive on screen and emailed daily for 7 days.

If you need any help getting setup we are simple a phone call, messenger or an email away.

Step 3 – Complete a Gap Analysis /Internal Audit

We’ll complete your first gap analysis/internal audit following the clauses of the standards.

We’ll be looking for documents – all of the templates are part of the FocusIMS system and can be added to your system or further tailor them to suit your needs. We’ll also be looking for records to show your using the system.

The audit will be completed in FocusIMS with actions added for follow up. This can be done either remotely or face to face.

Here’s where the FocusIMS modules meet the requirements of the standards:

SectionStandardFocusims Module
4Context of the OrganisationPlanning & Communication
5LeadershipPersonnel Management
6PlanningPlanning & Communication
-Documented Information

Personnel Management
Planning & Communication
System Management
8OperationProject Management
9Performance Evaluation
– Monitoring, Measurement
– Internal Audit
– Management Review
Risk Management
Planning & Communication
10ImprovementRisk Management
Planning & Communication

If you’re a litte unsure of some aspects of how your business works with the FocusIMS system get in touch and we can discuss a path forward.

Step 4 – Complete your Certification Audit

Certification audits are normally scheduled in 2 stages. The timeframe for when to complete your certification audit is normally based around the actions from your gap analysis internal audit – the more actions the more time you’ll need between audits. I normally try and keep them close together so we can get them done while the iron is hot.

Stage 1 – normally checks you have the framework in place such as policies and procedures.

Stage 2 – looks for records to show the policy/procedures are being followed and if not what actions are being taken to address it.



Eliminate paperwork and double entry to save time and reduce errors
Effortlessly meet and maintain your compliance obligations
Integrate nine HSEQ
modules in one simple yet powerful platform
Easy-to-access business intelligence for real-time decision support