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Onboarding Overview - FocusIMS

Onboarding Overview

Welcome to FocusIMS. Great to have you on board.

I’d just go through a little run through with you of how the menu system works before you get started. Just to give you a bit of context.

When you’re starting off on your onboarding, we’ll be working on this setup progress and the aim where we to click each of the items off on that menu.

When you complete and click through all of these items and then click update, the menu at the top will go green.

Once you have finished onboarding all of those menus along the top should be green.

Then we can focus on the compliance aspects of it. So when things are overdue, they’ll appear like this one in red. When they’re coming up for due, they appear yellow.

When you just want to access records every day within your system, then we’ll use this blue menu. So once you get past set up, pretty much, you’ll be working from this menu. You’ll notice that the items are named the same. So we’re working from one menu each day.

We’ve basically set up the onboarding to work with one menu each day to get you ready for certification pretty much in seven days. If you need any help, please reach out. We’ve got the little chat icon down the bottom. You can email, you can call numbers on the bottom. Let us know if you need any help. Thanks.