Programmed Asset Maintenance

Programmed maintenance can be a mammoth task for some businesses with things like:

  • Electrical tagging of portable appliances and leads in the construction industry
  • 6 Monthly checking of fire extinguishers
  • Checking of first aid kits
  • Annual testing of TMV (Thermostatic Mixing Valves)
  • Annual testing of RPZ (Reduced Pressure Zone Valves)
  • Routine Inspection of height safety equipment
  • Gas Detector Calibration

Most of these inspections require the person completing the inspection to be trained and competent.

FocusIMS provides a framework for completing the process accurately and efficiently ensuring it is completed by authorised personnel.

There’s a few steps to set up the prcoess efficiently:

  1. Setting up your Asset Maintenance Types

For each Asset Maint Type setup who is authorized to complete the testing, as well as the requirements for the test

2. QR Coding your assets and adding programmed maintenance.

Go to Assets> Asset List and Select the specific Asset

Select the programmed maintenance required for each asset

A QR Code is generated for each asset

The QR Code goes to a page see Field/ViewAsset.

QR Codes can be added to the asset in a variety of ways. Eg using a label printer, light weight aluminum tags with laser marking or laser marking directly. This could be done for customer assets too eg TMV etc

3. Completing the Programmed Maintenance from the Field View

From the field view we can access the asset from the Scan link

The my asset list – shows assets allocated. Each can be selected and takes you to the view Asset.

4. View Asset

The “Complete” link for the electrical tagging is only enabled if the person is authorized above.

If assets are returned using the field view they appear on the alerts to be double checked by the office.

Photos can be added to show condition.

Once you click the “Complete” link.

You get the list of items to be checked.

If you select 2 or 3 the will appear in Incomplete Maintenance.

If you select  0 or 1 for each item a conformance certificate will be automatically generated and a pdf attached in asset maintenance.

The next due date for the programmed maintenance is also automatically updated.

5. The Office View of Asset Maintenance