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Reduce the Gap Between Procedures and Certification

How can you reduce the gap between procedures and certification? HSEQ compliance requirements appear burdensome. 

Running a business can sometimes feel like spinning plates. With every business doing things slightly differently, it’s easy for processes and procedures to become unique to your company. That might get the job done, but when it comes to HSEQ compliance certification, it can be a roadblock.

Gaining and maintaining QSE accreditation is a great way to boost productivity, safeguard employees, and move toward the goal of environmental conservation.

What are HSEQ Compliance Requirements?

Quality, Safety, and Environmental (Management System) requirements appear onerous. You must manage personnel requirements to comply with QSE standards and maintain a quality manual, among others. But where precisely do your documents align with the standards?

To reduce the gap between procedures and certification, first, let’s consider the various requirements for HSEQ compliance.

1. Health

Your staff will spend about one-third of their lives in the workplace. That’s the same as working for 90 years straight. That is a long time.

If your workers become overburdened in the office, what measures do you take to alleviate their stress? And are you making sure they’re working in pleasant working conditions? What will happen if they can’t accomplish their tasks because they lack the necessary tools? What if they don’t have adequate help?

These factors impact their health.

They get sick, hurt, and unproductive, requiring time off work frequently. It is disastrous for you as a company and for them as individuals.

Here is where the HSEQ framework comes in handy.

Within the HSEQ framework, the health component provides the opportunity to create effective workplace health processes, work procedures, and activities that can reduce or eliminate the potential for harm to employees.

2. Safety

There have been 146 workplace fatalities in Australia as of December 8, 2022.

Workers can get killed by something seemingly innocuous as a slip, trip, or fall on the job, or something as devastating as direct exposure to a toxic chemical or an accidental explosion.

Whether you run a small, office-based business or a massive construction company, the safety component of the HSEQ framework will help you establish practices that identify hazards in the workplace. It can guide you in implementing stringent control measures to reduce the likelihood of accidents and exposure to hazardous circumstances and substances.

3. Environment

Nearly 90% of the world’s fish supplies are critically low or depleted. Poor air quality is responsible for the yearly untimely deaths of 7 million people worldwide. Over 20 million people have been displaced from their homes due to climate change, and there are already 5.2 trillion plastic particles drifting in the world’s oceans.

Businesses must do their part to protect the world.

Following and complying with suggested environmental rules is made possible by the environment section of the HSEQ framework, allowing you to lessen your business’s environmental impact.

4. Quality

Poor quality can significantly impact customer relationships, brand equity, and the bottom line.

True quality-related costs might range from 15–20% of sales revenue, with some companies even reporting 40% of overall operations in this category. Poor quality typically accounts for between 10 and 15 percent of operating expenses in a successful business. Reduced costs like these are a direct result of quality improvement programs that work.

Everyone recognizes the importance of quality to your company’s success or failure. The HSEQ framework recommends setting up quality management systems to ensure consistent, high-quality delivery of your goods and services.

How will you apply workplace health, safety, environment and quality procedures?

Creating and enforcing strict health and safety rules and frequently evaluating their efficacy is essential if you care about your employee’s well-being on the job.

Create a system that complies with ISO 45001 health and safety requirements and allows you to handle your occupational health and safety in a way that:

  1. Maintain a risk-free workplace in which:
  • All of the equipment you use is modern, safe, and reliable.
  • Staff members can get to, from, and inside the office without danger.
  • Temperature regulation in the building is adequate.
  • There are enough openings for air circulation.
  • The restrooms are always spotless.
  • It’s safe to walk on the floors and other surfaces.

2. Determine potential sources of harm and create strategies for evaluating, mitigating, eliminating, or reducing those dangers.

3. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that employees have the necessary knowledge, guidelines, coaching, and supervision to carry out their work safely and healthily.

4. Make sure there are rules for using chemicals and other potentially dangerous materials.

5. Establish a means for employees to report accidents, illnesses, and other mishaps.

Regular health and safety performance reviews and setting goals and targets are essential. It can reduce the gap between procedures and certification and the likelihood of workplace injuries and illnesses.

FocusIMS have three simple options to give you a clearer understanding of the gaps. 

Option 1: Start with FocusIMS FREE Trial today, and you have access to a complete set of compliant policies and procedures. Go to the System Menu/ Internal Doc List.

Option 2: Sign up for a FocusIMS FREE Trial today and complete an audit based on the requirements. Go to the Risk Management Menu> Inspection/Audit List and Add New. Choose IMS as your Audit Type, and you’ll get a comprehensive list of criteria against which to evaluate your current policies and processes.

Option 3: Get FocusIMS to complete a gap analysis based on your current documentation. Share online a folder of your documents, and we’ll conduct the documentation audit. Sorry, we can’t give you this option for FREE, but you’ll still get great value.

gap analysis

If you’re unsure which option you prefer, get in contact, and we can discuss your needs and provide you with the best value solution.

With the FocusIMS solution, your business can access all the information, processes, templates, and documentation you need to get certification-ready in just seven days.

You already have everything you need to close the compliance gap, meet regulations, and get HSEQ certified in a week. All you need is the right expertise delivered directly. With our series of seven daily emails, that’s what you’ll get — and you’ll be ready to get certified and start bidding on those more lucrative government tenders.

Sign up for your free 14-day trial now, and you’ll receive the following:

  • Access to our bespoke HSEQ+ software, featuring nine modules filled with all the information needed to get certified — and fast.
  • The option to retain your access after your trial at a low monthly rate with no contract. That means complete flexibility to give your business what it needs to succeed.
  • Instant access to our Quick Start Guide, including our unique “Keeping It Simple” method for HSEQ success — ideal for businesses who have tried to get certified in the past.
  • Simple setup with assistance from our team for importing employees, customers, asset lists, and more.
  • The same materials have helped our clients increase turnover from $2 million to $15 million in merely two years. What will you achieve?

We know that not all businesses are ready to jump to HSEQ compliance certification, but even if you’re not looking to get certified, we can still help.

Our expert team can assist you in streamlining your record-keeping and documentation so that, when the time comes, you’ll be able to meet requirements for ISO 9001, ISO45001, and ISO 14001 environmental management systems.

It’s completely flexible.

Getting your business certification ready isn’t easy, mainly when collating business records from different places.

If your records have become a little unwieldy over the years and they’re preventing you from getting certified, now is the perfect time to talk to FocusIMS. With our expert advice and guidance, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of compliance certification — without the headaches.

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