Removing Friction from your Organisations’ processes

There are many reasons and places for friction in your business that cause your business to operate in a less than optimal manner.

An organization that runs well is like a fine tuned machine. Each component of the business; people, technology, management and performance measurements work well. Customers love to interact with a predictable system, one that gives the same results each time.

On the other hand, friction in an organization is caused by incongruent systems. When an employee or needs to capture data but cannot do it directly in the system, it increases the likelihood of loss of data and motivation. It also doesn’t sit well with a client when the quote you promised cannot be generated for some reason.

There are 3 main reasons for friction, they are outgrowing your current processes, lack of a streamlined system, poor training and implementation. 

One of the main causes of friction is, surprisingly, growth. When an organization grows faster than its processes and ability to manage more customers, friction arises. It is characterized by long queues, lost information/ documents and an internal chaos that sets employees on edge.

The second reason for chaos is the lack of a streamlined system. A good system is one that your team can reference and apply each time. FocusIMS ensures that there is only 1 central location each role can access and view their actions, update status or open new tasks. For instance, if one field employee completes work processes in the system onsite while another writes them down and saves photos on their phone to hand in at the office the following morning, friction will arise if paperwork gets misplaced, not knowing if the works are completed and then unable to provide evidence to support the invoice provided to the client ending in disputed and unpaid invoices.

The last main reason is training. A good operation has a team that knows what to do and which tools to use each time.

To eliminate friction from your processes, consider investing in a cloud based solution like FocusIMS. This allows your team members to see prioritized tasks that fall due. They can easily plan their day in a proactive manner, and even create margin for any last minute jobs

Using the powerhouse called “My Action List” each employee has a clear handle on what to do next. Field staff will complete tasks in real time and the next action will roll over to someone in the back office or support depending on your processes. With My Action List, you can see what tasks are flagged overdue and which ones are due soon.

The second major advantage of FocuIMS is that it will eliminate conflicting and duplicated tasks. Right from the moment you sign up, all your different activities fall within a modules including projects, personnel, risk and more. Employees will not have overlapping tasks and each will have their job description aligned with their tasks.

With alerts before, during and after tasks, your team members can hyper focus on performance. You will see a marked difference in how your team works, how your clients respond and your reputation in the market when you work with us.

The results you’ll see are seamless growth and improved profitability when your business runs like a well oiled machine.

FocuIMS is an intuitive cloud based software based on frameworks for ISO certification. It is a no-contract software subscription for one low monthly fee.

Our personalised demo will start with the issues you are currently experiencing in your business and demonstrate how FocusIMS can optimize your processes.

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