FocusIMS benefits all people in the organisation although the benefits differ depending in your role in the organisation. Select a role to see the specific benefits of FocusIMS.

As the CEO/ General Manager/ Managing Director, your the leader of the organization, the owner of the vision, the buck stops with you. With your vision of growing the organisation, this role starts out lean and flexible.
As an HSEQ/ HR/ Administration Manager, you play a pivotal role in supporting the organisations success. Your key role includes supporting the organisation ensuring resources are ready to deliver on customer needs.
As an Operations Manager your role pivotal to the organisation to ensure efficient product /service delivery and efficient use of resources. Your role interfaces with top management but also with several other line managers. As a project manager you’re also responsible for project success and team cohesion. 
As field staff you represent the organisation to the public. FocusIMS helps you complete your field requirements seamlessly, providing field personnel with the tools, support and mobility to do their work with ease.