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CEO - General Manager - FocusIMS

CEO – General Manager

CEO/General Manager

As the CEO/ General Manager/ Managing Director, your the leader of the organization, the owner of the vision, the buck stops with you. With your vision of growing the organisation, this role starts out lean and flexible.

However, as the organization grows, the team grows and the systems get more complex. Cracks and delays can appear in your processes. The key purpose for FocusIMS is to bring the vision of the organisation back into clear focus for the leader, to rein in runaway project timelines, and ensure that all departments are working together towards the organisations goals.

The key areas where FocusIMS can assist the leader of the organisation is:

Compliance – The Compliance Bar

At a simple glance you can see the level of compliance of the organisation based on the colour coding. Red means its overdue, yellow means nothing is overdue but some items are coming up due and green means its compliant. Simply click the link and see the details of why the item is the colour it is. The number in brackets tells you the number of items in that status.

Planning and Planning Actions

The Planning and Communication module has helped many businesses prioritise their planning actions to future proof their businesses in a constantly changing environment. Here’s how FocusIMS can help your business:

Performance Evaluation

FocusIMS uses a traffic light system to make it simple, to see if your achieveing what you set out to accomplish. Green means target is achieved, Yellow is > 70% achieved, Orange is > 40% achieved and Red is < 40% achieved. You can set as many Key Results as you need, you can also see if the actions your taking are helping to achieve your target results.


There are many reports within FocusIMS to help support data driven decision making including the items listed below

  • Training Matrix
  • Asset Utilisation
  • Incident Reporting Summary
  • Audit/Inspection Performance

The greatest challenge for the CEO is to balance the needs of the organization to grow and the need to operate at an optimal level that serves current customers well and supports future growth. A CEO’s day to day calendar may have more strategic meetings than tactical, however in an organization where systems do not integrate to give a holistic picture, it is quite easy for the CEO to perform tactical (middle management) and operational (transactional duties). This takes the leader further away from the vision of the organisation and this is usually becomes evident in the bottom line. It also has a direct impact on employee motivation and retention.

FocusBIS is a an Australian owned and managed Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental management consulting business providing end to end online streamlined business solutions.

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FocusIMS is also able to provide additional support to help get your organisation certified, whether that’s completing a gap analysis/ internal audit or assistance with planning and planning actions or managing legal compliance. Some of the items you may wish to have assistance with are listed in our services .