Field Staff / Service Delivery

Field Staff

As field staff you represent the organisation to the public. FocusIMS helps you complete your field requirements seamlessly, providing field personnel with the tools, support and mobility to do their work with ease.

The FocusIMS field module is an integrated part of the FocusIMS system that gives your field workers capability to submit all the records required instantly available.

FocusIMS has helped many organisations make significant improvements in their field processes. The 3 main areas of FocusIMS take care of your staff, key assets, as well as operational and client data related to the nature of field work in your organisation.

FocusIMS is dedicated to keeping IT simple, so that your field workers are focused on getting their job done and records are submitted on site before moving to the next site.

FocusIMS makes field work easier through:-

  • Timesheets are recorded instantly ready for payroll processing
  • Vehicle pre-starts are completed instantly online with alerts for servicing and repairs required
  • Project risk assessment completed online, all project documents easily accessible with instant updating of status to the office staff to progress the project for further scheduling or invoicing
  • Before and After photos and service reports
  • Field staff can also submit requests for leave, requests for PPE directly ready for approval by admin staff

FocusBIS is a an Australian owned and managed Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental management consulting business providing end to end online streamlined business solutions.

Whether you choose to use FocusIMS to help you get certified, maintain certification or have chosen to scale, grow and meet your clients’ needs with a tried and tested system? Get your 14 day free trial and leverage the power of FocusIMS to reorganise and scale your operations.

FocusIMS is also able to provide additional support to help get your organisation certified, whether that’s completing a gap analysis/ internal audit or assistance with planning and planning actions or managing legal compliance. Some of the items you may wish to have assistance with are listed in our services .