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HSEQ / HR / Administration Manager | QHSE Manager - FocusIMS

HSEQ / HR / Administration Manager

As an HSEQ/ HR/ Administration Manager, you play a pivotal role in supporting the organisations success.

Your key role includes supporting the organisation ensuring resources are ready to deliver on customer needs. This includes:

having sufficient staff, suitably trainedPersonnel Management
ensuring assets are well maintained and ready for action.Asset Management
Suppliers and or Contractors may need to be engaged and established in the system.Supplier Management
Then ensuring suitable processes and documentation to suit the work to be completed and the customers and legal/ other requirements.System Management
Once the projects are underway there are inspections and audits to ensure everything is running as planned – and incident management when it is notRisk Management

Managers can use many tools that ultimately become disjointed systems including folders, emails, forms, meeting notes, paperwork and more, to support their productivity and progress.  The FocusIMS system takes these various complex systems and creates a simple functional frontend that is accessible to all employees for each of their roles.

FocusIMS supports timely business decisions that will make it smoother and easier to achieve team work, growth and results.

With the FocusIMS system on your side, you can create a supportive transparent working environment for the team to focus on their goals as opposed to spending time trying to sort through disconnected complex processes that often hinder rather than assist getting the job done where ever you are (including mobile and working from home).

FocusBIS is a an Australian owned and managed Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental management consulting business providing end to end online streamlined business solutions.

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FocusIMS is also able to provide additional support to help get your organisation certified, whether that’s completing a gap analysis/ internal audit or assistance with planning and planning actions or managing legal compliance. Some of the items you may wish to have assistance with are listed in our services .