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Operations/Estimator /Project Manager - FocusIMS

Operations/Estimator /Project Manager

Operations Manager

As the Operations/Estimator / Project Manager, your role is pivotal to the organisation to ensure efficient product /service delivery and efficient use of resources. Your role interfaces with top management but also with several other line managers. As a project manager you’re also responsible for project success and team cohesion.  The FocusIMS Project Management Module covers all of the requirements listed below:

Your role is responsible for:-

  • Following up on quotes systematically to win more projects
  • Establishing KPI’s for Project Managers to get consistent repeatable results
  • Better control over project costs including both time and equipment on project as well as material costs.
  • Better focus on training work teams to perform at the level of the most efficient team
  • Improve quoting consistency.
  • All resulting in long term significant improvements in profitability

Additional responsibilities for a client manager include:-

  • Know where your marketing spend is working
  • Client contact records
  • Follow up for clients who appear on the alerts page to ensure clients are followed when expected
  • Contact Report for KPI’s for your Sales Team

A good system supports this critical role by providing timely reports, team members progress on tasks assigned, all communication is covered in the correspondence tabs and all outgoing say quotes can be previewed before hitting send. Scheduling and project costs and profits can also be estimated on FocusIMS.

The greatest advantage of FocusIMS to the Operations manager is the ability to know where each project is at and how far each employee is at with their assigned tasks.

Project/Operations Managers who use FocusIMS experience a greater improvement in the business cycle, faster turnaround of projects, productive project management meetings, clear deliverables and happy clients.

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