Hidden Costs Of Smart Landscaping: Quality, Environment, And Safety

Uncover the hidden costs of smart landscaping and learn how compliance with ISO 14001 can help you create a sustainable landscape design.

You may have seen smart landscaping in many commercial spaces in Australia. Those lush landscapes that don’t need much upkeep are appealing.  But, as with any kind of innovation, we need to look at the big picture.

Smart watering systems and well-kept lawns hide costs that you don’t see upfront. Technology may affect the quality, sustainability, and safety of the landscape. 

In this article, we want to bring the hidden costs of smart landscaping to light. We are going to look at how smart landscaping could hurt ecosystems and make spaces less safe. We want to help you create a technologically advanced landscape without the risks.

What Effects Do Smart Landscaping Practices Have on the Environment?

Smart landscaping claims to be useful and efficient. But it might be bad for the environment.  Let us talk about how these practices affect the ecosystem.

  • Effects on biodiversity. Plants and animals evolved to live in their habitats. Putting in non-native plants instead, which are often used in smart gardening because they look nice and don’t need much care, could throw off the balance of biodiversity in the area. 
  • Water usage and management. Some smart watering systems are designed to make the best use of water. But things aren’t always what they seem. This is because many systems don’t work right and waste water. It can be hard on local water supplies during droughts because people in arid regions like their lawns to be lush and green. Aquifers can run dry, stream flows can slow down, and aquatic life may migrate.
  • Use of Chemicals. Smart landscaping uses pesticides and fertilisers to make outdoor areas look beautiful, but they are bad for the environment. These chemicals can pollute the water and soil while killing beneficial organisms.

How Can Smart Landscaping Introduce Safety Hazards?

If you’re thinking about smart landscaping for your business, pay attention to these safety risks:

  • Public Safety Hazards. It’s important to plan your watering system well, or you’ll end up with a slippery mess!  Check for protrusions that could cause accidents.  Make sure your watering system is safe before you use it. No one wants to be sued.
  • Fire Risks.  In Australia’s arid climate, the plants and materials used in smart gardening may amplify the risk of fire. You probably prefer low-maintenance non-native plants, but be careful as some of them are combustible. Mulch and wood chips can spread fire faster than a bushfire during a heatwave.
  • Maintenance Safety. Maintenance staff can also be hurt by complicated smart landscaping systems. Robotic lawn mowers, automatic watering systems, and other high-tech gadgets could malfunction. Working with electrical parts outdoors, especially when it’s wet, can put you at risk of getting electrocuted.

How Does ISO Compliance Enhance Landscaping Quality and Safety, and How Can FocusIMS Help?

To be in line with ISO, you have to have structured safety, quality, and environmental management processes. ISO compliance encourages an attitude of continuous improvement. By doing so, your business is getting a strong base from which to grow.

For example, ISO 14001 makes sure that you’re protecting the planet while you enjoy your state-of-the-art outdoor spaces. Compliance to this standard guarantees that you’re minimising your carbon footprint as you plan your landscaping.

Want to make your business more eco-friendly? Get ISO 14001 to reduce your impact on the environment, promote eco-friendly practices, and improve your reputation as a business that cares about the environment.

It’s not easy to get ISO approval, but FocusIMS gives you a complete solution. Our integrated management system lets you gather and analyse data automatically, make compliance easier, and keep an eye on KPIs in real time. FocusIMS lets you track smart landscaping performance, identify areas for improvement, and ensure ISO compliance.

Book a discovery meeting today to learn more about ISO 14001 compliance and how FocusIMS can help.

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