So why is ISO* Certification requested in tenders

If you put yourself in your clients shoes and think about what it might take them to manage a supplier/contractor tender and contract processes.

The tender process – your client has received tender responses from multiple suppliers/ contractors and its like comparing apples with oranges. First of all your client needs to narrow down and compare apples with apples this is where your certification comes in. Your client has some confidence that you have all the processes in place to run a successful business. Then the client will consider different methodologies and pricing.

Once the Contract is awarded – 

  • the client needs to ensure that the work has been completed to a particular standard outlined in the contract. This is where FocusIMS Service Reports with before and after photos and quality checks helps to reduce the amount of work it takes the client to ensure the work is done correctly.
  • The client also needs to ensure ongoing, that you have appropriate training, insurance and documentation in place. Some tenders choose to use a contractor management system like BGIS in both cases you need to ensure that your staff are inducted, trained and competent. You also need to ensure that suitable insurance is in place for your business, not just 1 specific contract.
  • Some clients, especially Tier 1 Construction clients, will also want to ensure that your plant and vehicles are appropriately registered, maintained and risk assessed.

Periodic Audits

When you’re certified your client may simply ask for a copy of your annual audit report. If your not certified your client will need to have their own suitably trained staff to conduct the audit. This adds more expense for your client and may not be considered objective as it is a second party audit rather than a third party audit.

If there is an incident/accident

If you’re certified your client knows you have a process in place to manage both the emergency response  as well as take actions to minimise the risk of them recurring.

At the end of the day your client does not want their reputation damaged, because of work you have done on their behalf. All things considered your chances of winning a tender are definitely better if you’re ISO* certified.

*ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 45001 Safety, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems.

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