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Do you seem to get stuck in managing the urgent vs the important?

Do you seem to get stuck in managing the urgent vs the important? (What about your key staff?)

You walk out of a meeting and you have several missed calls from top clients. The inbox in your desk is piling ever so steadily.  From your window you can see two field staff crew vans driving in – lots of admin work to be processed before day end. You have another half hour before your next meeting and half a dozen calls to return before then. If this remotely describes your work day, your team and you will benefit greatly from FocusIMS.

FocusIMS will assist your business in several ways to make many of your tasks more efficient.

 Automatically during your meetings actions are identified and assigned with expected completion dates. They then appear on  “my action list” until they are complete, the items past their expected completion appear on the left and those to be completed in the next month appear on the right.

The compliance bar at the top of the page shows you quickly and easily what needs updating in each functional area, this means instead of spending lots of time working out what needs to be done you can get stuck into the doing more quickly. It also makes it easier to assign tasks

Field Crews are assigned and complete the admin on site with the field module which means all the basics have been captured in the system leaving the discussions/consultation to cover of the exceptions and the more complex requirements rather than the basics. Giving everyone clearer instruction

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