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Want To Get Certified But Not Sure Where To Start? - FocusIMS

Want To Get Certified But Not Sure Where To Start?

Many organisations looking to qualify for quality, safety, and environmental certifications aren’t sure where to start. The process can be overwhelming and sometimes daunting if you’re unsure where to turn.

That’s why FocusIMS has made it simple, offering a single, comprehensive system that guides you through a step-by-step process that is much easier than attempting to write your own procedures.

We even include the process as a part of your FREE trial on FocusIMS, giving you full access to all the procedures for your management system in an editable format that you can customize to your organisation.

Getting Started Is Easy

Once you begin your free trial, you’ll receive one email per day for 7 days, each corresponding to one of our seven key areas. You simply enter in the information for each area:

Day 1: Personnel Management

You’ll add information regarding your employees, job descriptions with training requirements, training records, and any personal protective equipment needed (PPE).

Day 2: System Management

This section leads you through adding template policies and procedures, Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS), and any other documents that form part of your business processes. You’ll also add any legislation, regulations, and Codes of Practice along with Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for any chemicals used by your organisation.

Day 3 – Supplier Management

The Supplier Management section gives you the opportunity to review supplier types from a list so you can include criteria for each supplier. You may also add suppliers and contractors and complete an assessment for each.

Day 4 – Asset Management

Asset Management has you review asset types that are relevant to your organization. You will be able to review Vehicle and Plant Prestart items (and add others as necessary) as well as review Asset Maintenance types. Once you’ve added your asset types you can create alerts that automatically occur when they are due.

Day 5 – Risk Management

There are two levels of Risk Management: Operational Risk and Organisational Risk. After each risk type is entered in the appropriate risk register, then default audit types are reviewed and added to the system. 

Incidents are then identified and entered, along with the cause and corrective actions used to address both the incident and prevention.

Day 6 – Client & Project Management

You’ll add clients and their contacts, projects and project status, and a calendar schedule for Crew Leaders. You will be able to review the status of a project daily and add updates.

Day 7 – Planning and Communication

This final area gives you an organisational context of how your business fits in the broader environment, including competitors and financial and environmental information along with other sources that impact your organization. 

You’ll add potential sources and plans and objectives to manage those sources. You will also list at least one objective for each area of certification and set up your area for planning and keeping track of meetings.

Once you’ve completed each of the 7 areas, you’re ready for certification!

The certification process begins by getting a quote from a certification provider.

They will ask for the scope of your order (what you’d like certification for), which standards you want certification for, and the number of staff needing certification

Once you’ve accepted the quote, you’ll go through the Stage 1 Certification Audit, a preliminary check ensuring all required procedures are in place. Once completed, you will proceed to the Stage 2 Certification Audit.

This audit verifies that you have records to support each of your procedures and that they are being followed.  Completing the Stage 2 Audit successfully means your organization will be certified!

The final process of certification is ongoing maintenance. Rest assured that FocusIMS provides full support for upcoming surveillance audits, which are usually scheduled between 6 and 12 months apart for the first 2 years, with the third year being a recertification audit.

The FocusIMS Compliance Management Software is as simple as certification gets and is the first and only Compliance Management Software guaranteed to get your trade or service business certification-ready within 7 days, for FREE.