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What does your potential client expect from a IMS Manual?

What does your potential client expect from a quality/IMS Manual?

When a potential client requests a copy of your organisation’s IMS or quality manual, they are looking for a lot more than just the fact that you have one.

If you’re unsure of what they hope to learn, you’re losing their confidence, and maybe even their business. FocusBIS provides a streamlined process for your Integrated Management System to deliver the information and assurance your clients are seeking. 

The first question a client wants an answer to is, are you managing your risks? FocusIMS reduces doubt that you successfully manage hazards, perform consistent and thorough audits and inspections, and use corrective procedures.

A business that manages risks, values its clients, and employees and can establish and maintain certifications. 

When a client reviews your IMS Manual, you earn trust when they see you have effective processes in place to manage your staff, suppliers, and assets. They want to know how you handle scheduling and special projects, how attentive you are to their needs, how reliable your suppliers are, and if your staff is well-trained and assets are maintained. 

Complicated, poorly maintained records and inefficient processes only invites skepticism and compromises your reputation. Understand that your IMS or quality manual provides reassurance in who you are and how you will handle business. 

FocusIMS eliminates the need for multiple management systems and delivers to your client’s instant evidence of the confidence and trust they deserve. Sign up for a free 2-week trial and download your customised manual today.

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