Why you should use FocusIMS over traditional docs and spreadsheets.

Let’s face it.

You had good intentions when you first created your management system.

But those simple spreadsheets have a way of becoming not-so-simple quickly, and converting this complex data becomes cumbersome and unreliable.

The confusion only grows when you realise that you have suddenly transitioned into a jumbled hybrid system that consists of both paper and electronic forms.

You find yourself managing operations using burdensome calendars and diaries. The task of converting data becomes chaotic and time-consuming.

How do you eliminate your outdated documents and spreadsheets and reduce duplication to maximise efficiency?

FocusBIS has devoted 25 years to listening, learning and creating the most comprehensive, client-focused management system in Australia. Our streamlined platform, FocusIMS tracks all of your data with one powerful system.

From contracts, client records and risk assessments to timesheets, supplier assessments and audit records, FocusIMS manages and maintains all your information in one place to make strategic decisions and keep your clients and employees motivated and satisfied.

Transaction processing is intant, saving you valuable time and eliminating stressful glitches that keep you from focusing on growing profits and maintaining compliance in your business.

There is no better time to modernize your management system and leave your antiquated documents and spreadsheet system behind.

Established and experienced, FocusIMS is Australia’s most trusted management system. Our staff are expertly trained and prepared to streamline your operations and customise your plan based on your unique situation. We believe keeping it simple is smart, time is money and strategic efficiency is crucial.

FocusIMS is the first and only Compliance Management Software guaranteed to get your trade or service business certification-ready within 7 days, for FREE.

(14 day full featured trial. No Credit card required)

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